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PO Box 52100
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74152


Bella il Fiore dresses up a girl's everyday with delightfully luxurious gifts. Our stylish collection includes spa wraps, shower caps, sleep masks, manicure sets and more. Bella is surprisingly sensible with gorgeous packaging and clever designs that are guaranteed to brighten your day.


Embellaished is Bella Il Fiore's blog. We want to pay tribute, share our visual musings and thoughts and stay connected. We love having and giving inspiration and beauty in our lives — we hope you do too!

Bella's Nail Essential Kits — Shimmery, Stylish and . . . . Sensible

Suzanne Maniss

Bella il  Fiore's Shimmer Mani Sets are back and not just better, but BEST! These perfectly giftable, girly and glimmery nail essential kits are great at home and on the go. Available in 6 beautiful shimmer exteriors — each with a unique and fashionable pattern (speaking of . . . check out the pics below of some fun nail patterns we spotted). This luxurious hard case with snap closure includes everything you'll need for beautiful nails; cuticle pusher, tweezers, nail file, cuticle clippers, scissors and nail clippers. Oh and BTW, the patterns coordinate back with Bella's latest Shower Cap and Ice Bag offerings.