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PO Box 52100
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74152


Bella il Fiore dresses up a girl's everyday with delightfully luxurious gifts. Our stylish collection includes spa wraps, shower caps, sleep masks, manicure sets and more. Bella is surprisingly sensible with gorgeous packaging and clever designs that are guaranteed to brighten your day.



Embellaished is Bella Il Fiore's blog. We want to pay tribute, share our visual musings and thoughts and stay connected. We love having and giving inspiration and beauty in our lives — we hope you do too!

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Glam it up Gift Giving — Bella il Fiore's Goodnight Gorgeous Sleep Masks

Suzanne Maniss

The Dec/Jan Issue of Seventeen Magazine picks Bella il Fiore Goodnight Gorgeous Sleep Masks for great glam gifts this (and every) holiday season! AND "Recharging my awesomeness" (pink eye mask) and #OVERIT (gray eye mask) are also part of Seventeen's Giveaway.

Boo Boo Couture Ice Bags — poofs of goodness!

Suzanne Maniss

Bella il Fiore's Boo Boo Couture Ice Bags are just the darling dollops of goodness to soothe any "ouch" one might have. Just fill with ice and cool water (or try warm water for heat therapy), place on the part in need and — voilá! Original and useful girlfriend gifts for everyone on the tennis team, bands of bridesmaids and anyone else in need of the perfect gift. And the cute patterns tie in with Bath Diva Shower Caps and Mani & More Accessory Sets.