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Tulsa, Oklahoma 74152


Bella il Fiore dresses up a girl's everyday with delightfully luxurious gifts. Our stylish collection includes spa wraps, shower caps, sleep masks, manicure sets and more. Bella is surprisingly sensible with gorgeous packaging and clever designs that are guaranteed to brighten your day.



Embellaished is Bella Il Fiore's blog. We want to pay tribute, share our visual musings and thoughts and stay connected. We love having and giving inspiration and beauty in our lives — we hope you do too!

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Add Shimmer & Glimmer To This Years Easter Basket

Suzanne Maniss

Fill this year's Easter basket with all kinds of glimmer, shimmer and beauty from Bella il Fiore. Shimmer Powder Puffs (pink, silver or gold shimmer) $18 for an all over glimmer for every occasion. Mani & More Shimmer Nail Kits $19 filled with the best set of manicure and beauty tools encased in the most shimmery snap cases (travel savior!). And Goodnight Gorgeous Silk Sleep Masks $28, the perfect solution for beauty rest and sleep-lovers. make a great get gorgeous grouping. Shop for beauty and spa giftables anytime.

9 Ways To Speed Up Your Beauty Routine & Keep Your Hair Lookng Fabulous!

Suzanne Maniss

Bella il Fiore's Bath Diva Shower Cap, available in 9 darling patterns. We know people love them and buy them (they are still our #1 seller) but we fear there a also some out there who don't know what a complete life changer a shower cap can be.

We all know that washing your hair every time you shower or bathe is no good for your hair, but it also takes SO MUCH TIME! Bella's high quality shower caps are specially lined and roomy so that you can take care of your hair (or preserve that blow out for an extra day or two) and save time in your beauty routine all in gorgeous style.

Seriously, once you make the switch, you won't be able to live without one. Your hair and your schedule will thank you forever:) They make a perfect and unique gift for girls,women and bathing beauties everywhere. Shop

Stylish Ice Pack

Suzanne Maniss

Bella's ice bags ease the pain and look fabulous, even when your not feeling so fab. These darlings are versatile gift giving at its best  — they make perfect graduation gifts - a dorm room essential, bridesmaid gifts, teacher gifts, Mother's Day gift, girlfriend gifts (your tennis team will LOVE you for it), a unique birthday gift for that spa and beauty loving girl. And to complete your gift, the hip and fun patterns are also on Bella's shower caps and manicure set tools and color coordinate with towel wraps, house shoes, spa headbands and sleep masks , okay so the whole line. Visit and see for yourself:) Boo Boo Couture Ice Bags $15