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Tulsa, Oklahoma 74152


Bella il Fiore dresses up a girl's everyday with delightfully luxurious gifts. Our stylish collection includes spa wraps, shower caps, sleep masks, manicure sets and more. Bella is surprisingly sensible with gorgeous packaging and clever designs that are guaranteed to brighten your day.



Embellaished is Bella Il Fiore's blog. We want to pay tribute, share our visual musings and thoughts and stay connected. We love having and giving inspiration and beauty in our lives — we hope you do too!

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Best Bedtime Ritual — Bella il Fiore Silk Sleep Masks

Suzanne Maniss

We all love and NEED our beauty rest and at Bella we have a beauty essential that helps sleep-lovers everywhere catch up on much wanted rest . Bella il Fiore's Goodnight Gorgeous Silk Sleep Masks are LIGHTS OUT perfection when it comes to bedtime rituals and getting comfortable (top 3 and 4 sleep tips from the experts). Bella's sleep eye masks block unwanted light, and are made and filled with the finest of silks (inside & out) which makes them light and comfortable while providing your skin with essential amino acids that act as natural nutrients while you get sleep. Available with sassy and fun sayings as well as without in a gorgeous array of colors. $28

On The Ninth Day of Christmas

Suzanne Maniss

My True Love Gave To Me . . .

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Best Way To Overcome Sleep Problems — Silk Eye Mask From Bella il Fiore

Suzanne Maniss

Sleep deprived? Give Bella il Fiore's Good Night Gorgeous Eye Masks a try to maximize your beauty rest. When you block light out, your chances of falling asleep are improved and Bella's sleep masks are made and filled with 100% silk. Silk provides your skin with essential amino acids that act as natural nutrients. Available with sassy, fun sayings and plain in a gorgeous array of colors for sleep-lovers everywhere. One of the best gift for all women; best friends, brides, bridesmaids and new graduates heading off to college and dorm life:) $28 when you shop