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PO Box 52100
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74152


Bella il Fiore dresses up a girl's everyday beauty routine with useful and delightful gifts. Our stylish collection includes spa wraps, shower caps, sleep masks, manicure sets and more. Bella is surprisingly sensible with gorgeous packaging and clever designs that are guaranteed to brighten your day.

Cosmetic Bags Detail

Chicly stow your cosmetic necessities in Bella’s classy cosmetic bags.
These beautifully embossed, glimmering metallic bags with an em-Bella-ished zipper pull and lined in Bella’s signature pink are so versatile that they can accompany you on any occasion. Perfect for travel. Easily monogrammed. Available in three glamorous metallic shades, gold, pink and silver. Available as a set or individually.


Bella’s stylish metallic gold, silver and pink cosmetic bags allow perfect storage for all of a girl's beauty essentials at home and traveling. Available in three versatile and glimmering sizes. Sold individually and in sets (Sorry, individual medium sizes in silver and pink are sold out). A beauty gift you just can't beat.